Which technology is best for your business? Ask the experts at Datum.


We run your IT, so you can run your business


Datum is the "go-to" IT department for successful multi-unit restaurants in the United States.


1. Support Existing Hardware - We assess, manage and configure existing hardware and internal infrastructure to help decrease costs and ensure hardware longevity. We can create a tailored restaurant IT roadmap that will maximize current investments while planning for the future.

2. Integrate Best-of-Breed Technology - We are client-focused, not manufacturer-focused, allowing us to deliver the best results for our clients' businesses. We can recommend, install and support the best products for your business based on a rapidly evolving IT landscape.

3. Work in Open Architecture - Being platform-agnostic allows us to be nimble and efficient. We manage POS installations, networking and support for systems from Aloha, Micros, Revel, Focus and many more.

4. Eliminate Multiple Vendors - One call and we handle everything, from POS support during late night closing, to wifi connectivity for your customers, to corporate email set-up, maintenance and security.


5. Geographic Proximity - With support offices from Sarasota to Los Angeles, we cover the globe 24 x 7 x 365 for every client. We always provide a live human voice on the receiving end of that emergency call on Saturday night.


6. Provide Amazing Service - We hire the best restaurant IT specialists in the business while taking a proactive approach to supporting our clients. We can augment your existing IT personnel or completely outsource your IT department.


DEPENDABILITY - Deliver on our commitments

ACCOUNTABILITY - Take extreme ownership of risks, responsibility and results

TRANSPARENCY - Communicate clearly and ethically to clients and employees

UNITY - Value teamwork and treat each other like family

MASTERY - Foster a continuous learning environment

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